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Over the past several years I’ve learned a thing or two from online courses, but none of them compelled me to write a review and share it direct with professional consultants.

Sam Ovens'Consulting Accelerator was different ... very different.


The course claims to provide consultants at all levels with the ultimate training for roughly the price of an entry-level laptop.

Unlike a laptop, however, this course won’t depreciate in value over time…but will it deliver on its promise?

I decided to dive in and find out.


A Summary ​of The Consulting Accelerator™ Program

Over 6 weeks, the Consulting Acceleratorhelps you develop the framework for a profitable 6-figure consultancy business and secure an initial client within 42 days.

Using proven business and digital marketing methods that have been taught to over 10,000 consultants worldwide, you're walked through each step. This doesn't require any previous experience or tech skills - but if you can use email, post on social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook, that's more than enough.

The program has helped more than 2,800 people leave their day jobs and start their own businesses. Existing businesses have an advantage because they have a client base to start with.

What You Will Get for Your Investment

The course is broken up into 6 weekly modules and includes:

  • 6 Week Training Program
  • Workbook Box Set - shipped anywhere in the world by express courier
  • User Support and Twice Weekly Q&A Calls
  • Lifetime Access

Check Out What Consultants the World Over are Saying, Doing, Earning


Sam Ovens Introduces Each Week's Course Preview


We Identified 4 Areas Where Sam Offered Awesome Value



The course is incredibly in-depth, covering everything from macro strategy to micro details. The entire path towards profitability as a consultant is clearly laid out.


Sam has a net worth of $65 million and secured most of his clients using Facebook Ads. When he explains how to use the platform, there is weight behind his words.


I got my LinkedIn profile to more than 5,000 connections within 30 days of using Sam’s campaign strategy and can confirm he has designed an affordable path to minimal social proof.


Sam focused on the relevant how-to steps  when speaking about Facebook. The steps were precise to succeed with Facebook client acquisition. Little wonder then why he has been so successful on the platform  - and his students also.


How Sam's Course Helped Unicorn Blue


After Week 1, we stopped offering services “a la carte” and re-focused attention into niche recruitment business development services and international corporate turnarounds using a freelance sales team of independent consultants. This course did what it promised, and it changed our approach to business development. If you’re willing to put the work in, Sam Ovens’ can help you take your consulting business to the next level.

The best advice we can give you: it's an iterative process .. not a one-off quick fix!

Currently, we have a steady pipeline of new referrals coming in daily and monthly. In July 2019, we took on board and $11M merger & acquisition project; in September 2019, a $500M merger & acquisition project. Both projects have had their funding approved.

Our business was not launched from scratch based on the course, but I can genuinely say that, that Sam is responsible for much more than the price of a new laptop’s worth of profit.
In all honesty, I would peg the course value at around $10,000, even though we now charge almost 3x as a minimum retainer just by one tweak to our client acquisition process.


What You Put In Is What You Get Out


Will The Consulting Accelerator™ Program Help You?

Yes and No. Only you can answer that question.

Sam’s training and insights has turned aspiring and existing management consultants into millionaires and is being a major help for our business. It is an iterative process.

Dedication ~ Persistence ~ Self-Belief

Now let me clear! If you are not dedicated to building your business, not willing to learn how to sell, or improve your selling skills, and are looking for the easy-as-you-go working week, then this course will NOT work for you.

Your aim should be to put in the hard work at the beginning and eventually delegate / outsource to assistants or virtual assistants.


How Do I Know This Right For Me?

  • You want to work from any location where there’s an internet connection
  • You're in financing, banking & insurance, legal, accounting, architecture, real estate, digital marketing, management consulting - or planning to
  • You want to reduce your sales closing cycle time
  • You sell or plan to sell premium services to middle to high income clients
  • You want to develop or enhance your digital marketing competencies

Then this course provides step-by-step practical guidance and hands-on application of the HOW-TOs and WHAT TOs to elevate your profits up to SIX FIGURES or more.

  • You can't or won't devote two months to Sam’s system
  • You don't want to improve your sales techniques and client acquisition strategies because you believe there's nothing wrong with it
  • You don't ask for help when you get stuck
  • You give up easily and don't persist until you make a breakthrough
  • You don't think you can block 2-3 hours a day to review the material and follow-up on set tasks to do

DON’T invest in this course! The only people that succeed are those which make the time and persist ... come what may!


BONUS 1! LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training Valued at $2,000


Free Training Valued at $2,000 as "Thank You" from Us

You will receive practical step-by-steps training that will position your professional image on LinkedIn, ready to take advantage of the content you'll pick up during your 7-Day Free Trial of the Consulting Accelerator™.

The only thing that could prevent you from not earning while learning will be YOU.


  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #1: Making Your Profile Personal
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #2: The Perfect Profile Picture
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #3: Completing Every Section
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #4: How to Write a Winning Headline
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #5: Being Open To Connect
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #6: Your Call to Action Statement
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #7: Getting Some Recommendations
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #8: Advanced New Connection Techniques
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #9: Advanced New Connection Welcome Techniques
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training #10: Automating Your Business Development on LinkedIn

BONUS 2! We'll Show You A Video After Your LinkedIn Training How Unicorn Blue Can Pay You $15,000 Commission PER CLIENT From Your Existing Client Pool

To Summarize

  • 1


    When you agree to review Week 1 of the Consulting Accelerator™, it is at NO COST and NO OBLIGATION. There's nothing to lose, everything to learn.

  • 2


    If for any reason you feel the Consulting Accelerator™ isn't for you, just don't progress beyond the Week 1 free trial. You've spent nothing. You owe nothing.

  • 3


    As a "thank you" for reviewing review Week 1 of the Consulting Accelerator™, you'll get $500 discounted from the full course price if you want to progress to Weeks 2-6 PLUS FREE advanced LinkedIn Mastery Profile training to prepare you to take advantage of what you'll learn on the Consulting Accelerator™.

  • 4

    Up to $15,000 Commission for each referral you make to us from your existing client database

    And, we're prepared to pay you a minimum of $15,000 Commission for each referral you make to us from your existing client database. On some referrals, the commission could be higher. A video will explain how this works in practice.

Ready to try the Consulting Accelerator™ for yourself and step up the fruit chain?

Everything you need to position yourself to start acquiring high net worth clients in your first 7 days

  • 7-Day free trial to Week 1 of the Consulting Accelerator™
  • $500 discount when you decide to go for it
  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery Training valued at $2,000
  • how to monetize a minimum of $15,000 (per client) from your existing client pool

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the 7-day free trial work?

You’ll get your sign-up link, ffter passing through the double opt-in registration process.

How does the $500 discount work?

You’re automatically entitled to purchase the full course with a $500 discount after sign-up. You’re under NO OBLIGATION to buy the full course if you don’t want to.

How much will everything cost during the trial period?

Nothing, except for the time you have to put in, and, if you want to invest updating your LinkedIn account through LinkedIn premium services.


Can I buy the full course with a personal or company credit card?


What is Unicorn Blue's Relationship to Sam Ovens?

Unicorn Blue are satisfied customers of Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator™ program. The Consulting Accelerator™ is offered through this promotion with a saving of $500 off the normal purchase price.


What is the purpose of the promotion?

  1. You’re a consultant with an existing client database and can upsell your range of business financing services.
  2. Provide you with a series of LinkedIn training to enhance your professional profile and aligning you to sell better and effectively.
  3. To update your business development skills in the digital age through Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator™ program.
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